Redman - Doc's Da Name 2000 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 08 December 1998


Doc's Da Name
format: CD
label: Def Jam Recordings
release year: 2003
performance: 6.5
sound 7
reviewed by: Jason Karsh

In a perfect world rappers would only have music on their albums. Actually, in a perfect world it would all be good music too, but at this point beggars can't be choosers. One needs only to look back as far as Method Man's latest release to find an example of what not to do between songs, yet, once more, when all one wants to do is here an MC flow, one gets filler. Skits on albums always come off a lot like e-mail jokes, maybe funny the first time you heard them, but irrelevant exactly because you've already heard them before.

As for the music, when you get to it, a lot of it--including, but not limited to "I'll Bee Dat!," "I Don't Care," "Well All Rite Cha," and "Down South Funk"--is superior to much of what is being pawned off on the rap-buying public today. Unfortunately, to filter all the music down to make a great album one would need a compact disc recorder. We believe that if you're willing to shell out your hard-earned coin, retail price is expensive enough. By all means, go see the Doctor, just beware the waiting room.

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