Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever 
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Written by Brian Kahn   
Tuesday, 20 October 1998


Full Moon Fever
format: CD
label: Mobile Fidelity
performance: 7
sound 8
reviewed by: Brian Kahn

From the opening chords of the first track "Free Fallin’" it is clear that this release from Mobile Fidelity is a cut above the mass market version. Mastered using the new Gain 2 system the sound is vibrant and alive. Petty fans will find a goos selection of their favorites on this album including "I Won’t Back Down", "Runnin’ Down A Dream" and "Yer So Bad."

On "I Won’t Back Down" you can easily hear George Harrison providing back up vocals. The recording does a great job capturing the instruments as well. The imaging and depth of the soundstage are pretty amazing. If you close your eyes you can practically see Petty playing the guitar and singing away in your room.

"Love is A Long Road" does a good job capturing both Petty’s unique singing style and guitar playing. Listening to this album will bring you back to the late ‘80’s. Petty’s unique style brings you back to days gone by, there is no one lese quite like him today. The tracks on this album are some of his better songs and easily demonstrate a good range of his performing skills. Not only do the songs provide a variety of styles they are all upbeat and fun to listen to.

The remastering does a great job preserving the integrity of the original mix. Petty’s voice and the instruments are solidly anchored, rich, detailed and just sound right. The imaging, soundstaging and all the ques the audiophile listener will appreciate are also well taken care of. The background noise is very low for a recording of this era giving the album an extra bit of realism and spaciousness.

Petty fans owe it to themselves to enjoy this disc on a good high end system.

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