Roy Orbison - The Very Best of Roy Orbison 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 11 March 1997

Roy Orbison

The Very Best of Roy Orbison
format: CD
label: DCC
release year:  
performance: 7
sound 7.5
reviewed by: Jerry Del Colliano

I stay up late at night sometimes watching TV. You know those Discovery Channel documentaries about Fighter Planes therefore I may know more Roy Orbison songs than any other 23 year old on the planet. Time Life Music has made me over-aware of the musical significance of Mr. Orbison with their late night media barrage of value packed Roy Orbison LPs, long-play cassettes and CDs.

This record is filled with historically significant songs that show the development of early rock and roll. Some of the strongest cuts include: "Only The Lonely," "Crying," and "Blue Bayou." Every time I get to cut 7, "Dream Baby" I get the uncontrollable urge to check into a mid-priced hotel in somewhere like Houston or Orlando.

Without fail The Very Best of Roy Orbison ends up with his seminal work "Oh, Pretty Woman" which is worth the wait. The sound quality of the record is up to the very high standards of DCC reissues even though much of the musical content is extremely old. You only need one Roy Orbison record and this one is it.

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