Carmen Lundy - Old Devil Moon 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 07 April 1998

Carmen Lundy

Old Devil Moon
format: CD
label: JVC XRCD
performance: 7.5
sound 7
reviewed by: Jason Karsh

Like Sarah Vaughn before her, jazz vocalist Carmen Lundy has the kind of voice that some may love, some may hate, but all must respect. On 'Old Devil Moon' this fact becomes more and more evident as each track passes. 'Moon' is a collection of a number of classics ("When Your Lover Has Gone," "In A Sentimental Mood," "Old Devil Moon," etc.) which were produced with some of the finer jazz musicians around. Featuring Billy Childs on piano, Frank Foster and Bob Mintzer on tenor sax, and Harry Witaker on keyboards, this is an album to consider if you are a fan of the jazz vocalist genre.

Nearly every JVC XRCD is recorded and mixed well and this album doesn't disappoint. Our advice, Carmen is going to be an acquired taste. Her voice says a number of things in its inflections and intonations making it a good idea to listen before you buy.

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