Lyle Lovett - Live in Texas 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 29 June 1999

Lyle Lovett

Live in Texas
format: CD
label: MCA-Curb
release year: 1999
performance: 7
sound 8
reviewed by: Jerry Del Colliano

I always have to preface my comments for Lyle Lovett with the fact that country (and western) is the only genre of music I simply can’t stand. I understand practically everyone who lives between the east and west coasts of the United States loves the twangy goodness of Shania and The Judds, but not me. When it comes to Lyle, though -- that is a whole other story.

Mr. Lovett brings a style and suavity to his melodically catchy music that is irresistible to me. His studio efforts are topnotch and his Joshua Judges Ruth gets my vote for the single best-sounding CD ever pressed. As for Lyle Lovett -- Live in Texas, you get two treats in one, kind of like chicken fried steak, but on a CD. Lyle -- Live was recorded in San Antonio, Texas with Lovett’s customary large band and some guest appearances, including Rickie Lee Jones on "North Dakota."

The performances on Lyle Lovett -- Live in Texas are strong and his band sounds tight. The recording has its own energy as a live performance but doesn’t quite compare to the audio perfection you’ll hear on his studio efforts. With cuts like "Church," "Penguins," "I’ve Been To Memphis" and "North Dakota," Live in Texas practically gives you a Best of Lyle Lovett CD. A couple of sneaky cuts caught my attention, namely "That’s Right (You’re Not from Texas)" and "She’s No Lady." Overall, you can’t miss with Lyle Lovett -- Live in Texas. This CD is great. Even if, like me, you get a sharp pain in your spleen when you hear country music, you’ll have this CD parked in your player for months to come.

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