CEDIA 2001 Trend High End Seating With A Twist 
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Tuesday, 25 September 2001

Fantastic seating is frequently overlooked as an essential component in a successful AV system. Suspending disbelief with music and film demands that you also suspend the gravity we are slaves to during the day.

At CEDIA 2001, we found a few unique seating solutions that were of special note. The first was the Sensation Chair from Clark Synthesis ($2,495), which is a modern-looking reclining chair that adds a Clark Tactile transducer directly to the internal design of the chair.

Integrating the Clark transducer overcomes many AV enthusiasts' objections about physically installing the Clark Transducer into their existing furniture, while bringing full-range dynamics directly to your seat.

The Clark demonstration at the show was very illuminating, using Beyer Dynamic headphones and the Clark Sensation seats. With the press of a specially-designed button, you could cut out the Clark Transducer for an A-B test. With the Clark transducer out of the loop, Space Cowboys was just missing the impact. Clark Sensation seats come in over 30 fabrics and have a modern Italian design, complete with cup holders integrated into the armrests.

Another standout seating product was the new Leather Center Seville "chair and one half." When I say "chair and one half," I mean it. This sucker is ultra-wide, made with your choice of over 150 different leathers. Ranging in price from $3,500 to $5,000, the Seville Chair is pricey but it can be made to order in a timely two to three weeks. The recline feature of this chair was heavenly. With its extra width, the Seville could make for a cozy seat for two or a perfect seat just for you after gorging yourself with that 48-ounce Porterhouse at Morton’s.

Cinema Tech had the swankest seating shown at CEDIA, with automated reclining technology and a frame made of steel, as opposed to less durable wood. The attention to detail of these chairs is nothing short of impressive. You use the electronic control to dial in just the right amount of recline while never missing out on the surrounds, thanks to adjustable headrests.

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