Les Nubians - Princesses Nubiennes 
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Written by Dan MacIntosh   
Tuesday, 22 September 1998

Les Nubians

Princesses Nubiennes
format: CD
label: Higher Octave Music/Virgin Records
performance: 8
sound 8
reviewed by: Dan MacIntosh

Who says AudioRevolution.com isn’t international? We love international things. Airlines, cuisine, flavor--we’re into it all. This is one reason we love Les Nubians, a young, French soul duo whose sultry sounds should definitely find away into your life as long as you're not afraid of a little culture. What kind of culture is a little tough for us to say as these lovely ladies sing almost entirely in French and our in-house interpreter quit two months ago. No there isn’t a parental advisory sticker on the cover, but honestly Les Nubians could be singing about anything here and we probably wouldn’t care simply because they sound so good.

This album is simply best described as French Soul, which many may believe is an oxymoron. Yet, one listen here will instantly disprove that theory. As in most of Higher Octave’s albums, the recording quality of 'Princesses Nubiennes' is extremely high, perfectly and subtly complimenting the sexy rhythms of the duo. Listen for a French remake of Sade’s "The Sweetest Taboo" in here, and buy this album with our recommendation.

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