Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 14 January 1997

Traveling Without Moving
format: CD
label: The Work Group/Sony
release year: 1997
performance: 8
sound 7
reviewed by: Jerry Del Colliano

Jamiroquai has a very distinctive retro Stevie Wonder inspired vibe that is very catchy. I can very relate with the first song "Virtual Insanity". Programming The Audio Revolution makes me virtually insane quite frequently. The record has an uptempo, movin' baseline that runs throughout the record. There is a very retro 70's feel because of the instrumentation and disco beats.

The sound of the CD will very much appeal to those of us who really prefer vinyl. This record couldn't sound more analog unless you spinned it at 33 1/3. It has a fat tone that fits the music perfectly. If you like soul oldies, disco and are looking for some strong new songs, check out Jamiroquai, Travel Without Moving.


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