Green Day - International Superhits! 
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Written by Brian Kahn   
Tuesday, 13 November 2001

Green Day

International Superhits
format: CD
label: Warner Bros. Records
release year: 2001
performance: 8
sound 6
reviewed by: Brian Kahn

After nearly 10 years of radio airplay, it was inevitable that Green Day would release a "best of" or "Greatest Hits" album, which is exactly what they’ve done with their 21-track International Superhits. Longtime hardcore fans may disagree with this assessment, as "International Superhits" ignores Green Day's pre major label, rougher punk pieces.

The album begins with a couple of new songs, "Maria" and "Poprocks & Coke," and then moves through Green Day’s hit singles in chronological order. The new tracks carry on in the tradition of their prior works and, I believe, should have been at the album's end, rather than the beginning.

While listening to this album, one can track the progression and development of the band. The instrumentals become a bit more polished and better integrated over time, most likely a byproduct of Green Day’s immersion in the major-label, pop hit culture. Listening to this album brings you back through the years. I hadn't really thought of how many strong singles the band has had until they were all together on one disc. I listened to the entire album a few times and only rarely found myself wanting to skip over a track. It is a rare accomplishment for an album of this length to keep the listener this interested throughout its entirety.
With the exception of the new tracks, the recordings appear to be identical to their prior releases, and vary in quality. The overall sound is fairly good, with nothing sticking out as being either really terrific or really bad. In short, this disc is not the one that you would grab to show off your newest component, but the sound quality will not get in the way of enjoying the music, either.

From the loud "Basket Case" and "Welcome to Paradise" to the fairly mellow pop hit "Good Riddance," which caused somewhat of a stir when featured on an episode of "E.R.," "International Superhits" features a great cross-section of a band that has shown great staying power. It is highly recommended.

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