Version 1.6 Makes LimeWire a More Reliable Way to Download Music and Movies 
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Thursday, 12 July 2001

Now that Napster has been shut down for the time being by Judge Marilyn Hall Patel predicated on their ability to completely filter out unauthorized material, LimeWire has seen a huge increase in popularity. LimeWire is a free application that allows users to access the Gnutella network and easily swap files peer to peer, rather than through a centralized server like Napster.

This is great news for fans of downloadable music and movies, but LimeWire certainly has its limitations. recently brought you the feature article "how to use LimeWire" and we heralded it as the next replacement for Napster, but its biggest drawback was its unreliability when downloading files. It’s usually easy to find the files you want, but users often experience difficulty when trying to actually download them. LimeWire has just announced the release of version 1.6 and they clam that is fixes a whole host of problems that were present in past versions.

According to Lime Wire Inc., the new LimeWire version 1.6 features include:

• Improved resumed downloads across searches.
• Measures speeds of remote hosts more accurately.
• displays files in green if of high confidence for a good download.
• Can now launch files while they download.
• Fixed bug downloading files with strange extensions
• Restores window size on startup.
• Improved push uploads and downloads.
• Can minimize LimeWire into the system tray on WinNT/2k.
• Improved BearShare QHD compatibility.
• New virtual machine should be much faster and more reliable.
To learn more about LimeWire, check out our "How To Use LimeWire" feature story then log on to to download the software or the update if you are already a user.

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