New Flat Panel NXT Speakers from ARC Acoustics 
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Thursday, 14 June 2001

Featuring panels that are less than 16 centimeters across, the new 5.1 Home Cinema Loudspeaker system from ARC can be wall mounted or free standing.

ARC claims that by incorporating NXT technology into their speakers, the diffuse nature of their sound will be uncolored and natural, ensuring that the "hot spot" is eliminated, allowing for resolute sound regardless of the listener’s position in the room.

The ARC 5.1 system is compatible with most AV receivers and the speakers are simply connected directly to the speaker and subwoofer outputs. The panels also feature overload protection devices. Manufactured in the UK, the Sonare system comes with five NTX panels, a small active subwoofer, connecting cables and wall mounting brackets, priced at a modest $355. The Sonare system is scheduled to launch in late June 2001.

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