Napster Signs Deal with Loudeye Technologies to begin "Fingerprinting" songs 
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Friday, 01 June 2001

Napster Inc. announced that they have signed a deal with Loudeye Technologies to strengthen their song filtering efforts. U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel issued an injunction in March 2001 demanding that the file-swapping company block all copyrighted material from its database.

Now, Napster has reportedly signed a multi-year deal with Loudeye under which the company will give Napster a fingerprinting technology to use in the Napster subscription based service that is anticipated to launch this summer.

The technology provides unique "fingerprints" for approximately 2 million music titles. This technology identifies tracks via their wavelength patterns, which allows Napster to track the songs after they have been downloaded, and even verify the identity of files shared. Napster had already been working with Gracenote another company with file-filtering technology and the new deal with Loudeye should further improve their filtering capabilities.

Napster’s deal with Loudeye comes after Tuesday’s news that Napster has reached an agreement with MusicNet under which the file-swapping service will license material from BMG Entertainment, EMI, and Warner Music Group (who founded MusicNet as an alliance back in April) for the company's new subscription-based service. Under this new model, users will pay Napster's regular monthly fee, and then an additional fee to be able to access the MusicNet centralized server to download the major material from BMG, EMI, and Warner Music. Sony and Universal have also teamed up to form a rival online music source, to be called Duet. Those two labels do not currently have any type of deal with MusicNet.



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