Krell “SACD Standard” To Ship Spring 03 
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Monday, 20 January 2003

Krell unveiled its’ first ever SACD player at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. The SACD Standard marries the Krell high bandwidth, high dynamic-range approach to circuit design to the Super Audio CD platform.

Krell is long known for exquisite enclosure design, and the SACD Standard is no exception. The SACD Standard’s unique chassis-in-a-chassis design provides ultra stable disc drive operation, while damping induced vibration from the electronics. Separate power for the digital and analog circuitry maximizes the performance of both sections. A custom-wound toroidal power transformer offers tremendous current and low noise operation for the analog circuitry. Several stages of regulation insure rock steady power to all gain stages for maximum dynamic impact.

Krell founder Dan D’Agostino added, “For years, we have realized the benefit of circuits with the capability to perform in the upper reaches of the audible spectrum. We understand how much the information above 20 kHz contributes to the vitality and impact in music reproduction. A typical Krell current mode preamp has a usable bandwidth that exceeds 1 MHz. This approach allows us to make a circuit with very low distortion, and that is phase-coherent all the way up to 100Khz.” The Krell Current Mode output stage transmits every bit of detail available from the SACD format, while a new multi-channel output brings the exciting musical perspective of six-channel sound to a Krell source.

Prices and Availability
SACD Standard Suggested retail price: $4,000 - Available in black or silver in April 2003

For more information on Krell or any Krell product, contact Irv Gross at Krell Industries, Inc., 45 Connair Road, Orange, CT 06477-3650, (203) 799-9954 ext. 301,

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