Accurate Imaging Technologies Demonstrates Breakthrough Performance At CES 2003 
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Tuesday, 04 February 2003

Accurate Imaging Technologies made headlines at CES with their latest CRT-based projection system that uses technology that keeps the video signal completely in the digital domain from DVD to the projector. The Digital Pathway concept avoids the constant up and down, analog to digital to analog, conversions at every stage of the video chain, which can degrade the overall picture quality. This Digital Pathway concept makes it possible for an entry-level 8-inch CRT projector to surpass the picture quality often associated with 9-inch models using very expensive outboard processors.

Using their $37,000 system, which consists of an 8-inch CRT projector with their new internal scaler card (no outboard video processor AKA: “a line doubler”), an exclusive DVD player with a pure digital output, Accurate Imaging’s off-site exhibit had critics talking.

Accurate Imaging’s demonstration consisted of the Accurate XL, a $26,500 CRT-projector, which can be outfitted with the exclusive and unique Digital Pathway that includes the Accurate Integral HD Scaler Card, which fits in a special slot inside the projector itself. The Accurate Integral receives a digital video signal directly from their Digital Pathway Matrix One DVD Player. The scaler card upconverts the incoming signal to high definition, either 720p, 1080i, or 1080p, never leaving the digital domain. The Accurate Integral Scaler card retails for $5,000 and fits all Accurate Imaging CRT projectors as well as the Vidikron vision series of projectors.

The Matrix One DVD player features state-of-the-art audio components, DVD Audio and SACD decoding, resulting in imaging and sound staging associated with high-end audio performance. In addition to the digital video output (BNC connector), a digital coax, Firewire and standard analog stereo audio outputs are offered. The Matrix One DVD retails for $5,500.

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