First HDTV Camcorder $3,500 From JVC 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 11 February 2003

The big hurdle for the creation of more native HDTV content on TV has been the cost of the cameras and the production studios. While not necessarily up to the ultimate broadcast standards for HDTV, JVC has introduced a $3,500 camcorder that can record 720p HDTV. Editing is strangely done in the Windows XP environment with bundled software– not Macintosh which is more of the video editing industry’s computer of choice.

The JVC GR-HD1 camcorder gives home video enthusiasts a way to get personally recorded content to their HDTV systems and even archived on their D-VHS VCRs which are also sold by JVC and can playback prerecorded HDTV movies.

The GR-HD1 doesn’t always need record in 720. It can be set to record in the standard 480i format which is more compatible with TVs. The recorder hooks up to computers and other devices via Firewire.

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