Dolby Pro Logic II works to improve and add surround sound to CDs, MP3s and more 
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Wednesday, 16 May 2001

The AV industry is buzzing about Dolby’s new Pro Logic II technology which makes legacy content (from CDs, MP3s, VHS etc…) sound like 5.1-channel sources. Pro Logic II is a new matrix decoder developed by Jim Fosgate and licensed by Dolby. It offers stereo, full-bandwidth surrounds, and superior sound quality compared to original Pro Logic decoding.

According to sources at Dolby, other advanced matrix decoders (Circle Surround, Neo:6, Logic7) comprise an assortment of enhancement circuits added onto a core matrix decoder. Pro Logic II uses a completely new core matrix decoder based on servo circuits and a simple detector circuit. Reportedly, Pro Logic II sounds cleaner than other matrix decoders, and produces fewer steering artifacts. It has none of the pitch shifting, decorrelation, or reverb that surround enthusiast often complain about.

Pro Logic II works not only with Dolby Surround-encoded material, but also with stereo material, including music CDs, stereo TV broadcasts, FM radio, MP3 files, etc. It offers modes for both Movies and Music (the Music mode is optional, but has been included on all Pro Logic II products to date).

Pro Logic II is popping up in some of the newest Japanese receivers from Kenwood, Onkyo and others.

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