Sneak Peak: Kenwood’s new $1,500 400+3 DVD-Audio/Video player with Faroudja Progressive video output 
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Tuesday, 01 May 2001

Kenwood introduced a serious new 400+3 CD/DVD-Video/DVD-Audio changer called the DV5900M as part of their new higher-end Sovereign product line, complete with internal video processing licensed from Faroudja. The new player allows you to store quite a significant collection of music and or movies into your $1,500 DV5900M as well as 3 slots with physically extra space for rental DVDs or borrowed CDs.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking or just a future minded move to offer up to 400 DVD-Audio disc storage in one changer but the DV5900M allows the music and movie enthusiast incredible flexibility to be able to easily control a real-world CD and DVD-Video along with his or her growing DVD-Audio collection.

The 400+3 capacity and the DVD-Audio capabilities are amazingly secondary features when compared to the Faroudja internal progressive video processor. Faroudja was for years the only name in video processing and is clearly the leader although up until now their Faroudja brand video processors and video scalers were priced for millionaires exclusively. Inside the Kenwood DV5900M comes the new FLI2202 Digital Video enhanser and OSD generator which provide a video picture that gets you video resolution from a DVD player far closer to actual HDTV signals that you could ever expect to get from a mere 480I DVD-Video disc. In a direct comparison on like HDTV ready sets versus Toshiba and Denon progressive DVD players, the Kenwood DV5900M featuring the Faroudja video processor was obviously superior in terms of depth of field, color saturation, black levels and most noticeably motion artifacts.

The Kenwood Sovereign DV5900M is priced around $1,500 and will be in stores in August or September 2001.

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