Panasonic first to have Personal TV unit built into television 
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Friday, 27 April 2001

Personal TV recorders have been exploding in popularity in the past year. Panasonic and ReplayTV have just announced their latest product, a Pansonic ShowStopper that has been incorporated into a 27-inch TV.

Retailing for $799.95 and featuring a 30-hour ShowStopper, the PV-SS2710 is currently available in consumer electronics retail stores throughout the U.S.

Unlike their major competitor TiVo that charges a subscription fee, ReplayTV models come with the free ReplayTV service which delivers a seven-day programming guide customized to the consumers cable, satellite or antenna channels.

Other current models from ReplayTV include the $499.95 PV- HS1000 with 20 hours of storage space, the 30-hour PV-HS2000 priced at $599.95, and the $799.95 PV-HS3000 60-hour unit.

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