Disney To Rent Self Destructing DVDs 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Disney Home Video announced that they will be offering a new style of self destructing DVD discs as a new rental option coming this summer. The concept behind the disc is that after 48 hours the disc undergoes a chemical reaction making it unreadable by a DVD player.

Disney says that the disc, with its GE invented technology, will allow them to rent discs from new venues without having to worry about them being returned. The studio also boasts that after the time that the disc has expired it is impossible to steal.

Critics point at environmental concerns. In a world where recycling is only starting to become a mainstream practice, throw-away renal DVDs seem wasteful. In terms of copy protection, the discs are hackable during their first 48 hours which only entices people with easily available DVD copying software to break these new discs with the added thrill of beating the clock.

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