Real Networks to Compete With 79 Cent Downloads 
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Written by Jessica Amen   
Wednesday, 28 May 2003

Real Networks just announced their download music service, which may provide stiff competition for Apple’s iTunes. Real Networks will be offering their downloads for 79 cents as opposed to Apple’s 99.

Real Networks new service will be based on’s Rhapsody service, which Real bought last month. Rhapsody, however, unlike Apple iTunes, requires a $9.95 monthly fee, plus and extra 79 cents per download. This includes 60+ commercial free radio stations. So, it will be interesting to see if Real Network utilizes a monthly fee as well.

While it may seem that Real Network would be a better deal, questions still remain. How user friendly will this service be? And will it be compatible with Macintosh?

Apple iTunes is only for Mac users on OSX, a small percentage of consumers. It’s just a matter of time before Apple comes out with a PC version. But Real Network’s download music service is trying to beat Apple to the punch.

Another point to consider between both services is the amount of music available. Though Apple has the support of all five major record companies, many artists are still not available.

The official launch date of Real Networks download music service has not been announced yet.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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