Metallica To Release St. Anger Early With A DVD-Audio Version Coming Later 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Thursday, 05 June 2003

Much like blockbuster artists Eminem and 50 Cent, Metallica's upcoming, St. Anger, already in circulation, Elektra Records has moved up the release date of the new album, from Tuesday, June 10, to Thursday, June 5.

Elektra and Metallica have taken this measure to ensure that counterfeit copies of the band's first studio album in six years do not proliferate in the marketplace. After vocal opposition to Napster (and peer to peer file sharing in general) in the past few years, Metallica unanimously approved the move, guaranteeing that fans get first crack at hearing the acclaimed disk the way the band intended: Loud and unadulterated.

What is strangely missing is a “day and date” release of St. Anger on DVD-Audio. Metallica’s self titled “black album” is one of, if not the most successful title on the DVD-Audio format. Emails to executives at Warner Music Group on the topic of when a DVD-Audio of St. Anger would be available went unanswered at time of publication. Joel Amsterdam at Elektra told that he is sure the band will be doing a DVD-Audio release but he sites the band’s hectic schedule as the most likely reason as to why there will be no DVD-Audio ready for June 5.

Beside possibly putting out a DVD-Audio title, Metallica has conjured up a slew of unique activities and promotions to celebrate the release of their 10th album, St. Anger. The band has crafted a DVD Treasure Hunt for fans hungry for Metallica performances of new material. The first ever-online music promotion of its kind, the Treasure Hunt coincides with Metallica's recent announcement that they would be including a unique live performance DVD as an added component of CD release of St. Anger. The performance features the group playing all of St. Anger's songs live in 'shitty 5.1 sound.' Metallica's Treasure Hunt will include every track from the DVD, each streamed to a different site - not necessarily affiliated with music - so that fans will have to hunt for the rare performances themselves. Clues to finding the hidden “treasures” will be made available on Metallica's website, The DVD Treasure Hunt began on June 3.

The fact that the band is thinking in terms of 5.1 at all is a welcomed sign that they understand that a younger audience appreciates music in surround. With claims that they want the best sound for their fans, one can only hope to get a DVD-Audio (WEA, the parent of Elektra supports DVD-Audio over SACD) version to fans that want to hear higher resolution surround sound versions of the tracks complete with all sorts of added value goodies like band interviews, photos and more.

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