Paradigm Reference Introduces New Studio Series v.3 
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Wednesday, 25 June 2003

Paradigm has just introduced the new-generation Studio Series v.3 music and home theater speakers. Building on the previous Studio Series, this third-generation features a host of technological advances and design refinements. The Studio Series is available in three new Premium Laminate finishes, Cherry, Sycamore and Black Ash.

Each Studio Series v.3 loudspeaker features proprietary IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT, a unique butyl-rubber shock-mount isolation mounting system (IMS) that decouples drivers from the speaker enclosure, reducing driver/enclosure resonances and vibrations to inaudible levels.

The 1” S-PAL (satin-anodized pure-aluminum) dome is a refinement of the original PAL (pure-aluminum) dome that has played a key role in the success of this Studio lineup to date. The satin-anodizing process has resulted in a far more rigid dome without adding mass. Elevating the dome slightly within the WaveGuide chassis has resulted in improved frequency response end presentation. A redesigned die-cast aluminum phase-alignment bridge on the tweeter works in concert with the WaveGuide chassis design to promote accurate phase as well as wide sound dispersion.

Midrange, bass/midrange and bass drivers all boast new, larger AVS die-cast heatsink chassis. Redesigned cones and suspension encourage greater cone excursion while maintaining control over cone movement. Grille assemblies are designed for low diffraction, with sculpted curves. In addition, floorstanding and center-channel Studio models come with outrigger feet, designed for stability.

The Studio Series v.3 lineup includes two bookshelf speakers (Studio 20 and Studio 40); two floorstanding speakers (Studio 60 and Studio 100); two center channel models (CC-470 and CC-570); and a surround/rear speaker (ADP-470). Suggested retail prices are as follows: Studio 20 – $800/pair; Studio-40 – $1100/pair; Studio 60 – $1500/pair; Studio 100 – $2200/pair; CC-470 – $600/each; CC-570 – $800/each; and ADP-470 in White or Black Ebony at $950/pair.

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