Napster ordered to block copyrighted songs within three days of notification 
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Wednesday, 07 March 2001

The injunction – issued late Monday night by Judge Patel – requires Napster to block copyrighted songs once it receives proper notice from recording companies. The notice to block songs must include the song title, artist and at least one file name under which the song is currently being traded on Napster. After that, all parties involved – Napster and the recording companies – must work to identify variations of the file names submitted for blocking.

Those titles then must also be blocked. Napster will have three days to comply once the concerned entities in the recording industry provide the list of songs to be blocked. Judge Patel also gave the recording industry the right to ask for additional relief if not satisfied with Napster’s efforts. Judge Patel is not requiring that Napster monitor the Billboard Top 100 singles or Top 200 albums as originally requested by the RIAA. However, the RIAA will be permitted to furnish Napster with lists of songs to be blocked before they are released to the public. These song titles would then be blocked on Napster before users have a chance to create file names for them. Napster is expected to comply with Judge Patel’s ruling, but has not issued any formal response.

Source: Inside Radio

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