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Friday, 02 March 2001

So you bought a DVD-Audio player but now you need a fix on the latest titles. You got it. Here is the most current collection of DVD-Audio titles compiled for you as of 3/2/2001.

Source: DVDaudiopreview.com

Daniel Barenboim The Complete Beethoven Symphonies Classical Warner Music
Bela Fleck The Bluegrass Sessions Country Warner Music
Buena Vista Social Club Company Segundo Jazz Warner Music
The Corrs In Blue Pop Warner Music
Jose Cuera Verismo Latin Warner Music
Deep Purple Machine Head Rock Warner Music
The Doors LA Woman Rock Warner Music
Emerson Lake & Palmer
Brain Salad Surgery Rock Warner Music
Firesign Theater Boom Dot Bust Comedy Warner Music
Foreigner Foreigner Rock Warner Music
Nikolaus Harencourt John Strauss in Berlin Classical Warner Music
Jazz Artists Jazz at the Movies Jazz Warner Music
k.d. Lang Invincible Summer Pop Warner Music
Zubin Mehta Carmina Burana Classical Warner Music
Zubin Mehta Mahler: Symphony No. 2 Classical Warner Music
Natalie Merchant Tigerlily Pop Warner Music
Yutaka Sado Orchestre Lamoreaux Classical Warner Music
Stone Temple Pilots Core Rock Warner Music
Neil Young Road Rock Vol. 1 Rock Warner Music

Willie Nelson Night & Day Country Surrounded By Sound
Debussy Piano Preludes Book I & II Classical Surrounded By Sound
Bobby Short Piano Jazz Surrounded By Sound

Toy Matinee Toy Matinee Pop/Rock DTS Entertainment
Studio Voodoo Studio Voodoo Rock DTS Entertainment
Steve Stevens Flamenco A Go-Go Pop/Rock DTS Entertainment
Larissa Stow Moment By Moment Pop DTS Entertainment

Big Phat Band Swingin' for the Fences Big Band 5.1 Ent / Silverline
Aaron Neville Devotion Gospel 5.1 Ent / Silverline
Various Classic Crooners
  5.1 Ent / Silverline
Various Classic Country Country 5.1 Ent / Silverline
Various New Age New Age 5.1 Ent / Silverline
Various Classic Jazz Jazz 5.1 Ent / Silverline
Various Surf's Up Pop 5.1 Ent / Silverline
Various Women on Top Pop 5.1 Ent / Silverline
Various Classic Rock Rock 5.1 Ent / Silverline
Mendelssohn Mendelssohn Classical 5.1 Ent / Silverline
Grieg Grieg Classical 5.1 Ent / Silverline

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