Terk Introduces New UHF/VHF/FM/HDTV Amplifier 
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Tuesday, 19 August 2003

TERK Technologies has just launched the AMP-15. With the growing popularity of broadband cable, cable modems and off-air HDTV antennas, the typical connected home has a multiple of TV sets and broadband cable devices including cable modems, voice-over-data, video-on-demand, pay-per-view, and set-top boxes - all being used at the same time.

The TERK AMP-15 is a high-performance 15dB amplifier designed specifically to improve the signal strength needed for broadband cable and UHF/VHF/FM/HDTV antenna reception. Since there are numerous obstacles that can degrade performance, such as signals being weakened when they are split into multiple paths or by long cable runs, the AMP-15 is for consumers who face these challenges.

Traditional amplifiers block the communication from a PC back to the internet or from a cable box back to the service provider. The TERK AMP-15 supports two-way communication required for broadband cable devices

The AMP-15’s clear and simple to follow product labeling helps with quick and easy installation. For best results and to prevent degradation of signal, the amplifier should be installed where the cable service first enters the home, before it is split to multiple paths. The AMP-15 includes a power adapter and 6’ RG-59 connection cable. Suggested retail value is $49.95.

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