Energy Speaker Systems Announces New Veritas i Series 
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Tuesday, 09 September 2003

New to Veritas Retailers across North America in the month of July 2003, was the Veritas “i” series. Using technology such as the Convergent Source Module, a separately chambered dome tweeter and midrange module, and the Dual-Hyperdrive woofer, the Veritas products have unique features.

Energy’s design principle is heralded around three major design concepts, Wide and Constant Dispersion, Wide Bandwidth, and Low Distortion. Energy decided to developed specific technologies and cabinet designs to reduce distortion to a low level. The Veritas I series incorporates a Dovetail cabinet design that provides an inert cabinet structure when assembled.

The Dual-Hyperdrive woofer is a dual voice coil, single magnetic gap driver system that provides uniform motion in both forward and backward directions. This identical forward and backward excursion deduces distortion. Distortion measurements are approximately 2/3 less that most woofer designs. The Dual-Hyperdrive woofer is mounted to the rear of the cabinet utilizing a threaded rod, strengthening the cabinet structure, but also eliminating the possibility of the woofer magnet structure from moving. The stabilization of the magnet structure further reduces distortion and improves midrange clarity. The dual heatsink system used in the Dual-Hyperdrive woofer removes heat from the voice coils, both the rear heatsink, and the aluminum phase plug are responsible for heat dissipation.

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