5.1 Analog Input Retrofit Solution 
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Friday, 26 January 2001

MSB Technologies, long known for their performance modifications for AV gear, currently has a solution to the dreaded lack of 5.1 analog inputs on most AV preamps and receivers.

MSB has an input card that takes a 5.1 analog input and inserts the signal into your AV Preamp or receiver before the volume control and processing sections so that you can retrofit an older preamp or receiver to accept the analog 5.1 surround and or the 24/192 two channel output of your DVD-Audio player.

The MSB mod must be done at the MSB factory and costs $385 which includes return shipping in the US.

This MSB mod could be a cost effective way to help those of us who have high performance AV preamps without 5.1 analog inputs, so that we don't have to make another major investment in another AV preamp or receiver right away in order to get started ejoying all of the adantages of DVD-Audio today.

Read more about 5.1 analog inputs and what the AV industry plans to do to get ready for DVD-Audio here.

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