The many worlds of Cello: Viola Audio Labs, WEGG3 and more… 
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Written by Scott Selter   
Friday, 12 January 2001

The many worlds of Cello: Viola Audio Labs, WEGG3 and more…

Mark Levinson is the most influential figure in the history of high end audio. Looking for proof? Just look at the jockeying taking place with the human resources, designs and assets of 2000’s big budget, failed Cello retail and manufacturing project.

Viola Audio Labs
Former Cello, Ltd. designers, Tom Colangelo and Paul Jayson, have joined with Tony DiSalvo and other former Cello team members to form a new high-end audio company, Viola Audio Laboratories.

Viola will enter the reference audio market later this year with the newest Colangelo audio circuitry: an update to the Cello Audio Suite and a new reference amplifier.

Located next to the former Cello, Ltd. site in New Haven, Connecticut, Viola will feature all the high level quality of design, construction and service that Cello customers have come to appreciate. Viola will also be prepared to service all Cello, Ltd. product that has been produced to date.

A New Cello?
Viola isn’t the only company taking at shot at reviving Mark Levinson’s last project, Cello. Jim McCullough has created a company called Matthew James that will manufacture products using the Cello name and builds some older Cello designs like the lust-worthy Duet 350. Many of the designs of the new Cello project were worked on by the Cello design team that is now with Viola.

Bill Eggelston is back, again – now with new cello speakers.
To confuse matters further, William Eggelston, the founder of EggelstonWorks and Cello speaker refugee, has taken over the speaker designs of Cello with his new speaker company WEGG3. AT CES WEGG3 showed a $100,000 updated version of the Cello Stradivari Grand Master loudspeaker along with a very modern looking on-wall and subwoofer speaker system.

Red Rose Music
Mark Levinson isn’t associated with any of the new companies. His new project is called Red Rose Music and sells a somewhat modestly priced (around $14,000) complete music system based around tube amps, ribbon tweeter driven speakers and SACD sources.

For additional information contact:

Viola Audio Labs
Tony DiSalvo at 203.624.0340,
315 Peck Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06513
203.772.0435 tel.
203.772.0569 fax

Matthew James – Cello
James McCullough
315 Peck Street, Building 23
New Haven, Connecticut 06513
203.865.1237 tel.
203.867.4014 fax

Red Rose Music
Don Bouchard
14601 Bellaire Boulevard
Suite 300
Houston, Texas 77083
281.495.5444 tel.
281.495.4629 fax

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