The PLINIUS 9200 Integrated Amplifier 
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Monday, 27 October 2003

The PLINIUS 9200, based on the PLINIUS Odeon Amplifier Module physically separates the control and power sections for absolute performance according to PLINIUS. By housing them in the same chassis removes the need for expensive interconnecting cables.

Vinyl is still the preferred choice for audio reproduction by some audiophiles, and the Phono Stage in the PLINIUS 9200 will allow enthusiasts to extract high performance from their record collections. The PLINIUS 9200 will also work with digital sources. The on board Processor Loop allows direct connection and control from an external Home Theatre Processor.

The PLINIUS 9200 retails at $3,495.

• Power: 200 Watts RMS per channel into 8 Ohms. Both channels driven from 20Hz to 20kHz at less than 0.2% total harmonic distortion.
• Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz ± 0.2dB, -3db at 5Hz, -3db at 70kHz
• Distortion: Typically <0.05% THD at rated power, 0.2% THD and IM worst case prior to clipping
• Saturation: 300 Watts per channel or greater into 4 Ohms
• Current Output: 40A short duration peak per channel. Fuse protected
• Slewing: 50V/us.
• Hum & Noise: 90dB below rated output 20Hz to 20kHz unweighted.
• Input Sensitivity: 300mV RMS for rated output at 1kHz. 1.5mV RMS on Phono low gain setting. 0.75mV on Phono high gain setting
• Input Impedance: 47k Ohms.
• Input Overload: 5V RMS.
• Phono Stage Gain: 66dB on high gain setting, 60dB on low gain setting (Phono Input To Pre-Out).
• Rated Pre Out Level: 1.5V RMS into 47k Ohms or higher. Maximum 6V RMS into 10k Ohms or higher.
• Pre Out Source Impedance: Typically 1.5k Ohms.
• Pre Out Minimum Recommended Load: 47k Ohms.
• Tape Output Level: 190mV at 200 Ohms. Tape loop muting at 5V RMS input.
• Dimensions: Height 120mm (4.75"), Width 450mm (17.75"), Depth 400mm (15.75"), Weight 14kg (30lbs).

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