New David Lee Roth/Van Halen album in March? 
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Wednesday, 03 January 2001

Warner Brothers Records confirm that a new Van Halen record is in the works but deny the March 2001 release date.

Warner Brothers Records will not confirm that David Lee Roth is back in Van Halen yet radio reports in Los Angeles and inside sources say Diamond Dave is the going to be back for the new release.

Insiders say that last year the brothers Van Halen attempted to turn in a second record with new singer Gary Cherone which Warner Brothers rejected saying "give us Sammy or Dave but not Gary…" With the commercial and artistic failure of Van Halen III, who could blame them.

The David Lee Roth controversy has raged since he was dropped from the Van Halen lineup after the 1984 album tour. VH replaced Roth with Sammy Haggar and changed their sound resulting in even higher sales and more commercial crossover success. Unexpectedly in 1999 Van Halen recorded two new songs "Me Wise Magic" and "Can’t Get That Stuff No More" featuring their original lead singer. These two new tracks tacked on to the end of Van Halen’s Best Of CD took the sales total over 2,324,923 records. Van Halen III tanked selling a mere 508,910 copies (source: Soundscan 1/3/2001).

While the Sammy Haggar years were very successful for VH, their loyal fan base has long yearned for the band to reunite with their original singer. With the commercial success of VH’s Best of Record and the groundswell of fan support, not to mention a really good reason for a large scale concert tour, expect Diamond Dave doing the splits on a stage near you, very soon.

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