Rumors of a “Van Hagar” Reunion Surface 
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Friday, 21 November 2003, the website for Infinity’s Los Angeles based Classic Rock station, is reporting unconfirmed rumors that have been recently been circulating among Hollywood record executives that Sammy Hagar has been in contact with Eddie and Alex Van Halen about reuniting the band.

Van Halen has been laying low since their disastrous album release entitled Van Halen III featuring their third frontman, Gary Cherone. Sources inside the music business in Hollywood tell that in the time since Van Halen ended its 25 year relationship with Warner Brothers Records that they had been working on a full studio album with their original front man, Diamond David Lee Roth. This source tells that he has heard many the tracks which Roth was doing the vocals for in Pasadena while the band recorded at their 5150 studios. That album has never been released and rumors of a VH reunion with Roth have quieted.

Hagar and Roth tried going out on tour together in 2002 but ended up not being able to get along (no surprise there) thus the reports of a Van Hagar reunion rumor might have some legs. People involved with the business workings of the band tell that they think the real reason that Sammy was extracted from the band was over royalty money relating to songwriting.

No matter what the reason for the Van Hagar breakup, Van Halen has never been the same band both commercially or creatively. As a staple of classic rock radio and with a huge U.S, fan base, the band could expect to see huge sales if they were to release a creatively worthy studio album. Don’t be surprised if Van Halen takes a queue from The Eagles and Prince and releases the record on their own which would only make each unit sale more profitable for the band. Even if they had a hit studio record, any concert tour they might do would almost guarantee to be the biggest of the year. With Eddie Van Halen being a cancer survivor and the band mates not always able to get along, this could be fans last chance to see VH in person.

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