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Written by Brian Kahn   
Monday, 18 December 2000

With the MP3 format’s ever-growing popularity, there has been an explosion of MP3 players on the market. Portable MP3 players make the perfect gift for music aficionados on the go. Sensory Science has two portable MP3 players, the MP2200 and MP2300. The MP2200 features an FM tuner, the MP2300 ($299). The MP2300 is unique in that it utilizes 40mb Iomega Clik discs, which give it unlimited storage. Most MP3 players have built-in memory chips or use expensive flash memory. The MP2300 uses removable 40mb discs.

The unit comes with two discs and more are available for around $10 each. The unit can be used as an external hard drive and voice recorder, as well as an MP3 music player.

The MP2300 comes with software to transfer MP3s that are already on your computer, as well as convert tracks off of CDs into MP3 files. I found the software easy to use and had my Clik discs filled with music in no time. Unlike portable CD players, it is nearly impossible to get MP3 players to skip, making them perfect for playing when exercising. The MP2300 is small in size, with a bright display and intuitive controls.

I found the sound quality to be just as good as any other MP3 player. The sound of most MP3 players is dependent on the way that the actual MP3 file was encoded and compressed. The Sennheiser headphones supplied are a definite step above typical lightweight headphones. They are comfortable and provide better than average sound, with especially smooth imagery.

The MP2300 is a good choice for those looking for their first MP3 player. It is a well-built unit that is easy to use. The Clik disc system also provides flexibility, as you can use extra discs for other family members or just your own different moods. You can even use them to bring files home from the office – they’re pretty darn versatile. Be sure to keep MP3 players and the MP2300 in particular in mind when you’re gift shopping.

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