Why WEA Is Likely To Stick With DVD-Audio 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Friday, 12 December 2003

With the ink still drying on the Warner Music acquisition, the big question that audio enthusiasts who are following the high resolution audio format war are asking is – will Edgar Bronfman’s team continue to support the DVD-Audio format?

AudioRevolution.com is told by a source very close to the development of the DVD-Audio format as well as an expert on SACD that there is one strong reason why WEA will remain DVD-Audio’s biggest supporter. That reason is TimeWarner’s continued ownership of some of the intellectual property for DVD-Audio. Even without owning a vast empire of record labels TimeWarner could possibly rake in tens of millions of dollars on royalty money in the case DVD-Audio or a DVD-Audio flip disc becomes the music industry’s standard for the sale of prerecorded music.

Bronfman will likely face bigger, more immediate problems than what to do with high resolution audio and surround sound music regarding the short term success of the label. These include how to sign hot new acts, how to make more money via downloading music and much more. However, in a recent conversation, a spokesperson for WEA tells AudioRevolution.com that the labels will continue to release DVD-Audio titles as announced earlier in the year and foresees the continued support even though there is no “official” comment from the new owners.

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