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Thursday, 18 December 2003

The patent pending design of RGPC's new HighTension Wireallows more of the AC signal to pass-through, unrestricted than the high-end esoteric power cords RGPC has objectively evaluated using our revealing CRT testing procedures. HighTensionWire is designed to power all components.

Many high-end cables are wrapped with pretty outer sleeves of various materials and webbing, such as heat-shrink tubing or rubber wrapped tightly around the core wire. RGPC have discovered that this can dramatically affect the performance of the wire, degrading the signal being transmitted. This condition, coupled with typically poor terminations, yields wire performance that deteriorates even further over time.

RGPC’s HighTensionWire is terminated by hand, for the least signal loss, and uses a loose sleeve composed of a material that should not affect performance.

The natural tendency is to evaluate power cords by plugging them into source components such as CD/DVD or preamp/processor because these are considered the most power sensitive equipment within an audio/video system. Whereas this is usually true with many esoteric power cords, RGPC have found that this same approach with the RGPC HighTensionWire is flawed.

Contradicting this methodology, RGPC recommends first plugging HighTensionWire power cords into your amps, subwoofers and receivers. Once you’ve done this, go upstream by installing a HighTensionWire on your preamp/processor, and then go further upstream in the power chain to include the DVD/CD players. On video you will find that projectors and plasmas that offer a replaceable power cord will benefit greatly by the increase power delivery of the HighTensionWire.

The 15-amp IEC Connector standard removable power cord is designed to fit the RGPC 400 units as well as most electronic equipment. The 20-amp IEC Connector and removable power is design to fit the RGPC 600S, RGPC 1200S and RGPC Pole Pig units. It also fits a handful of power amplifiers from high-end manufacturers, such as those from Audio Research Corporation.

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