iPod for the Masses - Apple To Unveil $100 iPod at MacWorld? 
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Written by Bryan Dailey   
Thursday, 25 December 2003

In an interview with Newsweek magazine earlier this year, Apple’s Steve Jobs stated that he’d love to see the day when there is a $100 iPod, but didn’t think it was possible. His wish may be coming true in 2004 as reports are surfacing from sources such as CBS Marketwatch, MacNN.com and Appleinsider.com that Jobs is expected to unveil a new entry-level iPod that will most likely be priced in the $100 range at MacWorld next month.

Sources at an Apple retailer in Los Angeles tell AudioRevolution.com that the rumors of the new budget priced iPod are completely true. Apple has not made any official statements on the matter, as they tend to prefer to make their new product announcements public at MacWorld.

The current Apple iPod units start at $299 for the 10GB unit and goes up to $499 for the 40GB gig unit. The current iPods are essentially a portable hard drive with a slick interface and software built in. The budget priced iPods are expected be Flash Memory based and will not carry the hefty storage capacity of their bigger brothers.

Apple has yet to compete in the low-end MP3 player market, a space dominated by companies such as Rio and Creative Technology Ltd. With an entry-level unit, Apple hopes to convert younger music fans that can’t yet afford an iPod. Reports that the new iPods will be available various colors and patterns is good news for those who want a little more flair from their iPod than the stark, industrial look of the current white and silver iPods.

Apple’s iTunes Online Store has sold more than 25 million songs since opening its virtual doors earlier this year. With a potential new market opening for Apple with their less expensive iPod, PC compatibility and a recent deal with AOL, don’t be surprised to see the number of people purchasing 99 cent songs online from the iTunes Store skyrocket.

Sources: CBS Marketwatch, MacNN.com, Appleinsider.com

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