Morel Introduces New Vario On-Wall Speaker 
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Sunday, 11 December 2005

Morel, a leading loudspeaker and drive unit manufacturer, is unveiling its new and unique on-wall speaker system dubbed the Vario. Once mounted on the wall, the Vario’s flexible construction can be easily varied to accommodate the size and shape of the accompanying screen or projector. A full year’s worth of research and design went into creating this speaker according to Morel.

The Vario cabinet is constructed from MDF wood-fibers to eliminate sound deterioration created by vibrations and resonance and deliver high quality and clarity. Two 5-inch bass midrange woofers and a soft dome tweeter are installed in every Vario unit. The two midrange bass units are a powerful combination of some of Morel’s unique innovations including the unique double magnet, large-diameter 3” (75mm) Hexatech™ aluminum coil based on External Voice Coil (EVC) technology and rear-vented magnetic motor.

To complement Vario’s on-wall speakers, Morel has designed the Vario subwoofer to be a perfect match both in style and function. The subwoofer’s flat, elegant shape allows it to be placed next to the wall, either standing upright or lying down. The active subwoofer features a 220W amplifier and 10” (260mm) bass unit.

Morel will be launching the Vario at CES 2006 and pricing and availability will be announced shortly.

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