Richard Gray’s Power Company Introduces the PowerBridge 
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Monday, 07 November 2005

RGPC boasts that its latest solution is the only uninterruptible power supply on the market that responds within one millisecond of a power failure to provide a sine wave output. Unlike other UPS products out there, the PowerBridge was actually designed with the custom installation market in mind – not computer systems and networks.

The PowerBridge uses the company’s IntelliGray technology which means it is actually able to “learn” the AC line and store that data in its memory to use as a reference for determining if and when to switch to battery power. The unit samples several hundred points of each cycle of the AC wave form in order to detect any abnormal power fluctuations, switching to battery power a reported seventeen times faster than other UPSs. The battery backup inside most UPS products is used 100 percent of the time when it’s only needed two percent of the time, limiting available current. But the PowerBridge makes it so that no electronic components are in its AC path, rendering it invisible to connected components and imparting no adverse sonic signature of its own.

Other features include a sine wave output that is in sync with AC line when switching to and from battery power so attached equipments should see no interruption in the sine wave during these cycles. The PowerBridge also includes alarms, status settings, detachable rack mount ears and an RS-232 port, all for $2,500.

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