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Wednesday, 09 November 2005

Meridian introduced the use of Digital Signal Processing technology in a loudspeaker and the company continues to invest in DSP speakers with the DSP3100. The new speaker replaces the DSP33 at the same price point and is intended for use as a bookshelf or stand-mounted speaker.

The speakers are tonally similar to other Meridian DSPs and the company suggests using them as surrounds for a DSP-based system although they are also well suited as a smaller stand-alone system, second zone speakers in a multi-room environment or even high-end computer speakers. Meridian also boasts that because of their high-accuracy, the DSP3100s can also be used for studio monitoring either as near-field or surround monitors in recording and mastering facilities where they can accept digital audio data at standard digital recording sample rates up to 24-bit, 96kHz.

The vertical models feature a long-throw six-inch bass driver while the horizontal unit uses two 5.25-inch drivers with doped carbon fiber cones and cast alloy baskets. The drivers are powered directly by independent high-power, low-feedback amplifiers and DSP power comes from a Motorola 56367 running at 150Mhz. The D/A conversion is handled by dual 24-bit delta-sigma converters.

The DSP3100’s cabinet is made from braced MDF with piano-lacquer ends and aluminum side-panels. Since wood tends to vibrate at low frequencies and aluminum at higher frequencies, Meridian combined the two materials to cancel out vibration across the range. Finishes come in black or silver. The DSP3100 will be available in October at a retail price of $4,795 for vertical units (per pair) and $2,895 for horizontal units (a single center-channel)

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