MGM Backs Blu-ray 
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Written by Rose McCarthy   
Monday, 14 November 2005

MGM is the latest movie studio to announce its support for Sony’s Blu-ray next generation disc format. Although MGM is partly owned by Sony, the announcement shows the Sony-backed disc format is gaining greater support over the Toshiba-backed HD-DVD format in Hollywood studio circles. Critics suggest that studios are riding the fence as to which format to support as the a looming format battle brews. It is also suggested that increasing studio pressure will avoid said pending format war which is sure to turn consumers and retailers alike off to either or both of the HD disc formats. A similar compromise was made with the launch of the incredibly successful DVD format with Sony giving into industry pressures. It is expected with momentum coming from Playstation 3 that Toshiba and the HD-DVD group will be have to compromise this time out.

MGM, the studio behind the Bond and Pink Panther movie franchises, said it plans to begin releasing film and television titles from its catalog of over 4,000 films when new Blu-ray hardware launches in North America, Japan and Europe later in 2006.

Last month, Warner Bros., a stalwart supporter of HD-DVD decided to also back Sony’s Blu-ray technology following a similar decision by Paramount.


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