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Thursday, 17 November 2005

Sunfire is known in the audio industry for its subwoofers but the company is treading new ground with the release of the Cinema Ribbon and Cinema Ribbon Center Channel – the first Sunfire speakers other than subwoofers. The company describes them as full-sized loudspeakers crammed into very small enclosures – the ribbons are about the size of a napkin dispenser and the speakers measure only 8x5x6 (HxWxD). Five feet of ribbon has been wrapped into a tight one-by-five-inch spiral in order to get a large radiating area within a small space. The ribbon is encased in a specially designed lens with a center vane to ensure that the wave launch is uniform even at the highest frequencies.

The Ribbon has two side-firing four inch woofers that use the same technology found in Sunfire’s True Subwoofers that allows them to operate in their sweet spot more efficiently, without being overdriven. The Center Channel speakers are smaller in height and depth but measure 18 inches wide. They also feature dual four-inch woofers but these are forward, not side, firing. Each speaker can handle up to 600 watts of continuous power and features frequency response from 22kHz down to 90Hz.

Appearance-wise the Cinema Ribbons take a lead from the company’s True subwoofers with an ebonized rosewood lacquer finish and dark gloss surface on the cabinets. The speakers compactness should not only make them sleek but also easy to place – on shelves, walls, stands or even ceiling. The Cinema Ribbons will ship in December for $600 each.

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