HDMI Cables That Carry 1080p Over 300 Feet From PureLinkô 
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Monday, 31 October 2005

With television manufacturers showcasing their latest 1080p displays and more high-definition content available to audiences, HDMI connections are becoming increasingly important to home theater systems. Viewers want the highest resolution they can get but many high-definition TVs only have one digital input which makes switching between satellite receivers, cable boxes, TiVos, DVD players and gaming system difficult.

Dtrovision’s one company trying to solve many of the connection problems users might be facing. Its PureLink™ brand offer solutions that include a two-in, one-out ($299) and a four-in, one-out switch ($549). Consumers who want to connect multiple HDTVs to the same DVI source can use one of PureLink's™ distribution amps that range from one-in, two-out ($349) to 18-in, 18-out for professional users ($29,999). They also offer fiber optic cables that can carry HD content to displays up to 330 feet away from the source, allowing for a lot more flexibility than copper cables that lose fidelity when extended past 15 feet. The HDX cable series starts at $949 for 33 feet to $1,649 for the 330 foot version.

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