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Wednesday, 26 October 2005

DVDO’s making the latest update to its iScan HD+ software available online. It goes beyond bug fixes and compatibility patches to offer 490i/576i DVI support, full input and output aspect ratio control, display profiles, non-volatile memory settings and increased range on frame rate conversions.

Input aspect ratio control can be found under the ‘user’ option which gives users the choice of an arbitrary aspect ration from a range of 1.01:1 to 3:1 that can be changed using one of four presets on the remote. Frame aspect ratio, active input aspect ratio, zoom factor, pan parameter and horizontal and vertical borders can also be manually changed. The output aspect ratio has four controls: display aspect ratio allows a 4:3 ratio to appear centered on a 16:9 screen, image shift lets users adjust both horizontal and vertical locations of an image onscreen and underscan acts like a negative zoom preserving the aspect ratio of the active area.

Setting the user mode on the iScan HD+ to 'advanced' enables the Display Profile. Parameters including output type (analog, DVI-video, DVI-PC), format, output aspect ratio, color space (YpbPr or RGB), sync tape and frame rate conversion information make up a display profile that can be saved for future use. The auto feature can also actually link a specific input to a display profile so when that input is active the associated profile is selected.

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