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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Wednesday, 28 January 2004

Universal Music Group reigns supreme as the largest of the 4 major record labels with about 25 percent of the record sales in the marketplace today. Publicly UMG has said and continues to promote SACD as their “preferred” high resolution format however UMG representatives tell AudioRevolution.com that they will continue to create DVD-Audio versions on many of their most popular titles allowing the marketplace to determine the winner in the audio format war.

The trend at Universal Music has been to release about 3 SACDs for every one DVD-Audio title. Many of the DVD-Audio titles have been big ones and they tend to be delayed by three to four months from the release of the SACD. The delay is part marketing and part production. Many of the high profile discs currently in production are being carefully mastered and produced for surround sound by the artists, producers and engineers who were involved in the original project. If consumer demand increases for either format, UMG is most likely to ramp up their production for high resolution discs to meet demand. They are not trying to make the market by supporting one format exclusively as Sony Music has with SACD and Warner Music has with DVD-Audio.

With the DVD-Audio flip disc on its way to store shelves sooner than later (some say in the next 30 days) look to see if UMG will increase the ratio of SACD titles being converted to DVD-Audio. This one indicator will show which side is winning the audio format war over the next 6 to 12 months.

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