Morel Introduces Its Reengineered Car Stereo Loudspeaker Line 
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Thursday, 29 January 2004

Morel has just introduced its redesigned, reengineered new car stereo loudspeaker line. The new line features new technological innovations including the Accuset™ crossover and alignment system and a new aluminum die-cast chassis with Uniflow™ design.

Elate SW woofers are Morel’s solution for deep and accurate bass reproduction. Engineered to be used in a wide array of applications, the Elate series presents Morel’s elite. The Elate series introduce car audio enthusiasts with a 2-way and 3-way component systems with all of the best features Morel can offer.

According to Morel, Elate 2-way and 3-way component systems maximize sound quality without compromising style. This component set comprises an Elate SW woofer (5", 6", and 9" diameter), CDM-54 soft dome midrange, and MT-23 tweeter featuring a powerful double neodymium magnet motor, an aluminum Hexatech™ voice coil and hand-treated Acuflex™ soft dome. The Accuset™ MX-33 3-way crossover ensures optimal customization to various car environments through tweeter level attenuation and slope roll off selection. The Elate line offers a 2-way component system featuring the Elate woofers and the MT-23 tweeter.

The compact and shallow Hybrid Ovation includes a woofer (4", 5", and 6" diameter) and MT-22 tweeter. The Accuset MX-22 2-way crossover enables soundstage and performance by providing tweeter level attenuation and crossover slope adjustments.

Integra Ovation is a worthy successor to the Integra coaxial speakers. Combining tweeter and woofer into one compact and powerful point-source unit, it incorporates Morel’s aluminum die-cast Uniflow™ basket design and an Acuflex™-coated 28mm soft dome tweeter.

Morel takes Dotech a step further. Similar in many respects to the current speaker system, the Dotech MkII earns its name through the new crossover design, which provides ±3dB tweeter level attenuation and enhanced sound performance. Morel has also made some cosmetic improvements to the basket.

The Pulse component system replaces Morel’s Millennium series. The 2-way component system comprises a woofer (5" and 6" diameter) and a 6 x 9 coaxial speaker with a swiveled soft-dome tweeter. The tweeter can be tilted to optimize the speaker’s performance and enhance the listening experience.

The Elate woofers (5", 6", 9" and 10" diameter) feature the die-cast aluminum Uniflow™ basket and newly improved magnet system and woofer suspension. The Accuset™ alignment system allows installers to listen to the system and fine-tune the crossover settings. The Accuset™ crossover also allows for standard, bi-amp, and bi-wire connection.

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