Dark Side Rumored To Be Already Mixed For DVD-Audio Could Be A Dual Disc 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Friday, 06 February 2004

Sources in the pro audio business in Europe tell AudioRevolution.com that the audiophile classic album, Dark Side of The Moon was originally mixed for its initial high resolution release on DVD-Audio (before its release as a hybrid SACD) and that the disc may soon resurface as a DVD-Audio title in the United States. Dark Side was supposedly mixed for DVD-Audio at Abbie Road Studios and then rejected by members of the Pink Floyd camp. The band’s long time mixing engineer, James Guthrie, has since publicly stated his preference for the SACD format yet denies the original mix was done for DVD-Audio. The album eventually was released as hybrid SACD and stands as the most successful SACD title to date in terms of overall sales.

Rumors of another version of Dark Side of The Moon on DVD-Audio mixed by Alan Parsons, the original engineer on the album, surfaced when his own personal test disc was heard at private listening session in Los Angeles. This DVD-Audio version exists but is nothing other than a test by Parsons. It is not an official mix and is unlikely to be the mix approved by the band or used by EMI for a future dual disc CD/DVD-Audio release.

Since the test marketing of CD/DVD-Audio flip discs began this February in Seattle and Boston by EMI (and other major labels) rumors of Dark Side and possibly a few other classic Pink Floyd titles coming out on DVD-Audio have quickly resurfaced. Universal Music Group has made it a common practice to release titles on SACD (their “preferred” high resolution format) and then three months later they release a DVD-Audio version. EMI, in the states, has been an enthusiastic supporter of DVD-Audio and would be likely to release such a successful classic album in another format if they thought they could sell millions more of units of the record. Now that DVD-Audio can be paired with a CD on the same disc, the temptation might be too strong for EMI to resist.

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