Acoustic Sciences Corp. Announces Their Newest Acoustic Subwoofer Stand 
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Tuesday, 17 February 2004

Acoustic Sciences Corp. (ASC) is introducing a new accessory for music playback systems and home theaters. The SubTrap™ is an acoustic subwoofer stand that can improve the low frequency sound of listening environments, and will be available only through dealers.

The SubTrap is a product designed to eliminate the vertical resonance of subwoofers – the low frequency energy that bounces between the floor and ceiling and causes unpleasant one-note bass. Utilizing the acoustic technologies found in the ASC TubeTrap™, the SubTrap is effective in the 70Hz range, which is where most coupling occurs for the average 8-9’ ceiling.

The result is a listening environment that no longer tends to groan at a single note according to ASC. Instead, the SubTrap lets the subwoofer act more like the precise musical instrument it was designed to be. The sound from the subwoofer will exhibit increased punch, and play deeper with more power. Most importantly, music will sound more articulate at lower frequencies.

SubTraps will be available only from registered ASC dealers by April 2004. The SubTrap will MSRP between $200-$400, and will be available in 15”, 18”, and 22” sizes.

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