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Monday, 03 October 2005

Artison has taken its flasgship LRS surround speakers and created its first in-wall, a unique speaker that combines the performance of the surface mount LRS with the stealth of an in-wall speaker. The LRS-IW is a complete speaker cabinet mounted inside an in-wall mount so it does not rely on the cavity created behind the baffle to control the performance of the system. The sound is said to be consistent and fully independent of the environment.

The company’s unique hybrid acoustic design is Monopole below 3 KHz where you want steering ability for action and reality scenes and Dipole above 3 KHz where you don’t want to be able to locate the source of the sound. The LRS-IWs are small – they measure only 10.25x15.x 3.5-inches (HxWxD) and can be installed in any standard 2x4-inch wall where studs are 16 inches on center.

The LRS-W on-wall surround satellite speakers designed with the same components and engineering as the company’s front speakers to provide a vivid, realistic surround experience. The speakers measure 9x9.5x3-inches (HxWxD) and are housed in cabinets that come in either black or white ABS (the white finish can be easily painted to blend in with the room). Wall brackets are included for easy installation. The LRS in-walls retail for $700 per pair and the on-walls retail for $500.00 per pair.

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