Sunfire’s ContraBass – Vibration-Free In-wall Subwoofer 
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Friday, 09 September 2005

The ContraBass is a massive in-wall subwoofer designed to shake only the air and not the wall in which it’s mounted. Conventional in-wall subwoofers might have a limited output in order to prevent vibrations that can cause buzzing or rattling, damaging wallboards and internal pipes and wires over time. But Sunfire has put their anti-shake technology to work in the ContraBass, counteracting the forces generated by its High-Pressure, High-Back-EMF output. The technology uses an amplifier-driven counterweight system which cancels linear and rotational vibration modes to decrease vibrations by over 10dB to give users great bass without taking down any walls.

The counterweight system is matched to two 10-inch proprietary Sunfire woofers featuring the High-Back-EMF motor that lets them operate in their sweet spot without being overdriven. The ContraBass also features an Auto Room EQ system, a dedicated external control center for volume, phase and crossover and a Tracking Downconverter power amplifier that puts out 2700 watts of dedicated sub-bass power “just-intime”, generating little heat. The control center and power amplifier connect to the ContraBass via conventional in-wall speaker cables.

The ContraBass measures 53 by 3.5 by 14 inches and includes a three-quarter inch MDF enclosure braced to withstand the pressure from the subwoofer. A grill that can be painted to blend into any wall surface is also included. The subwoofer will be available by December at a suggested price of $2,995.

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