Universal Players For Blu-ray and HD-DVD? Samsung Says “Yes” 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Thursday, 08 September 2005

Internet reports say Samsung will be the first to market with a “universal” player that will be able to play both pending HDTV disc formats – HD-DVD and Blu-ray. The first “universal” players came on the market during the lose-lose format battle between DVD-Audio and SACD. Prices and release dates for the new players aren’t readily available but might become public after the upcoming CEDIA trade show.

Consumers simply do not want a format war yet the two HD disc camps can not seem to ink a deal to join forces on one disc format. Sony, who backs Blu-ray, has an impressive list of supporters for the format including most major Hollywood studios, a host of Silicon Valley computer companies and at least half of the major record labels. HD-DVD has its supporters but is reeling now with a delay to its launch. Rumors have Blu-ray discs and players in stores for the Holiday selling season. Critics say it might not matter if there is a pending format war. Sony is betting with the power of Playstation 3 and their movie, music and computer alliances that HD-DVD might just go away. It’s more likely it won’t.

In the early goings of the new HD formats, a “universal” player for Blu-ray and HD-DVD wasn’t supposed to be possible. With Samsung’s announcement, the AV industry gets both good and bad news. The good is that consumers can buy a player that protects their downside if one format flops. The bad news is consumers might just have to see another format war despite of how adamant they are about avoiding the battle.


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