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Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Pioneer Electronics has introduced two new Elite PureVision plasma sets. The 50-inch PRO-1130HD and the 43-inch PRO-930HD use a new sixth-generation plasma glass and the company’s own PureDrive II video processing technologies to create smooth transitions and sharp, clear images in an even lighter package.

The Crystal Emissive Layer is a glass technology exclusive to Pioneer. The layer is sandwiched between the plasma glass and individual light cells to increase the speed at which each cell is charged and discharged, resulting in better blacks with more details in dark scenes as well as an overall reduction in energy consumption. A First Surface Pure Color Filter is also used to ensure bright colors and better images. The filter is not a separate layer, instead it is bonded directly to the plasma glass which makes it weigh less and causes less light to refract and distort images. Since it's on the same layer, the filter might actually cause more audio noise to come from the plasma.

The PureDrive II system also includes Advanced Continuous Emission IV, which detects the type of content being viewed and adjusts the grayscale to create great quality and detail within black areas, and Advanced PureCinema with 3:3 pulldown at 72Hz to synchronize with the frame rate of film.

Other features include Enhanced ISF C3 for easy calibration, multiple HDMI terminals and a separate media receiver where users can insert PC cards to view images from digital cameras or cableCards to watch cable TV without an extra set-top box. The Elite PRO-1130HD and 930HD will be available in September for $6,500 and $5,000 respectively.

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